Winter Around The World, Global Story 2015

Winter Around The World A Global Story Created by Young Voices, Minds and Hands Around the World in 2015 Inspired by “Winter..The Coldest Season of All” from Cantata Learning Project Arranged by Shannon McClintock Miller & Brianna Cua For this project, we invited young people, teacher librarians, educators and families to participate in the Winter Around the World Project inspired by the Cantata Learning book, Winter...The Coldest Season of All. They created stories, songs, poems, illustrations, recipes and so much more to make this a global story with over 250 schools participating from China, Dubai, United Kingdom, Australia, England, United States and others. We brought together all of these wonderful projects created with the voices, minds and hands from children around the world. We hope you have a beautiful season and enjoy these special winter stories too.
Date: 12/16/15
Published by: Shannon Miller